Intermec has an experienced staff of highly qualified professionals who do their utmost to satisfy all customer requirements and industry standards. We work structured with continuing education to ensure our operators are able to master the possibilities in modern CNC-machines. We also train 2-3 apprentices each year, to ensure new skilled workers for the future.

CNC-Machines and Software


Intermec want to be in the forefront of production technology and continuously invests in the latest production equipment and software for CAD / CAM. We use SolidWorks and GibbsCam as drawing/programming aid. The last 10 years the company has invested approximately UK £3,5mill in machinery and equipment. Our machines are normal replace after 10 years of operation. A modern and stable machine park is absolutely necessary when machining in high-alloy materials.

  (Machine inventory list)

Advanced Production Control


Intermec runs a sophisticated ERP / MPS system that manage all aspects of our business. The system monitors and store information during the entire process from request to final delivery, as well as all related documentation. We are certified according to EN / ISO9001:2015 - EN / ISO14001:2015, and listed in Achilles JQS.



Intermec offers the following documentation;

• EN 10204 to 3.1 / 3.2 certificate on raw materials
• PMI / DPI / Ultrasound etc.
• Measurement Report from CMM (coordinate measuring machine)
• Laser Marking of Article number / Heat Number /
  Serial Number / Pressure rating / Logo etc.
• All registrations are stored in the ERP system

Raw material in Stock

Intermec keep in stock stainless steel for our own standard products, as well as for regular customer products. In addition we have limited quantities of higher alloys for rush jobs. In addition, we have excellent access to all high-alloy materials from a variety of reputable suppliers. All materials are certified according to DIN / EN10204 3.1.

Finished products in Stock


Intermec manufactures and stocks medium- and high pressure hydraulic fittings in stainless SS316 and higher alloys. In addition we have buffer stock for customer-specific products. We have 4 Leanlifts installed, each 8 meters tall, with a total capacity of 140 metric tons. In the offshore industry delivery time is often paramount, and a well-stocked warehouse provides high availability and fast deliveries when the situation is critical.